Share Recommendations

With so much share trading information bombarding us from the internet and the television it can seem a little overwhelming to find good share recommendations at times. Besides the great free share trading tips and recommendations that we offer here at “shares to buy”, there are a few different resources for free share trading recommendations worth looking into.

The first is the stock or share newsletter; with a share newsletter you will get periodic information about the stock market for free. Share trading newsletters are typically written by experts in the industry as well as leading financial institutions. These newsletters might contain information about individual companies that look to be on the move as well as general advice about specific sectors or industries that look hot.

The next resource for share recommendations worth checking out is share trading blogs. Share or stock recommendation blogs can be a very valuable tool to the active trader or investor. Many of these blogs are authored by some of the best experts in the share trading industry. They will offer these free share recommendations on their blog as a way to gain a following. The more readers they get, the more opportunities they have with their blog. Sometimes they will put out some great share tips through their blog at no cost to you. When using share trading blogs you need to make sure the person writing the blog is qualified to give share trading advice. Just because someone writes a blog about stock trading does not mean they are qualified. Do some research on the person that is giving the share recommendations, see if they work for any leading financial companies or have experience in the stock market investment industry.

Another resource that is similar to the share trading blog is using social media websites to get shares advice. These websites, like Twitter, can be a great way to follow expert share traders. Many of them will post up share recommendations when they see one they like, a plus to this is that the news comes out in real time, so you can make immediate use of the information they are providing. Once again, as with share blogs, with social media sites you need to make sure the person you are following truly is an expert in the field and is qualified to give share recommendations. Generally, the best share market analysts will have quite a following on their social media profiles. The more people that follow them, the more likely they are to be legit.

One more quality resource for share recommendations is from a trusted financial website. These “authority” websites like The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Reuters and others, have teams of stock market analysts that evaluate shares of various companies and make recommendations. They will tell you if a share is overvalued or undervalued and you can feel pretty good about taking their advice because these websites are trusted names in the share trading world and have been successfully providing share recommendations for a long time. Most of the analysts at the major financial news firms have a good track record for their share recommendations as well.